Beachgolf Sport

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New event and dynamic Beach Golf features a playground unique and original.

Factors relating to the project on which you can find some points of common interest, can be traced starting from the particularity of the field, two kilometers of sandy coastline (the largest ever granted permission by the Ministry of Transport and Shipping, 165,000 sqm . of public land occupied), on which will face 30 teams of two players each.

Each of them will be surrounded by three hostesses (120 in total for hostesses stage) that, holding a range of protection will prevent the public from getting too close surrounding. Natural obstacles, such as persons and objects, characterize the path of play. The public is not a mere spectator but an essential part of the game itself.

Along the way are made fun of the original and special tests. It is played with balls of foam, absolutely harmless. New items are added each year to the initial plan to optimize the needs of vision of the partners.