Golf Books #330 (Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden: The Unwritten Rules of Golf)

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Golf Books #330 (Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden: The Unwritten Rules of Golf)0

It is a great truism of golf that the game cannot be learned from a book. Yet it is equally true that there are some things every golfer must know before setting foot on the course or risk making an utter ass of himself. These are things your local golf pro can’t or won’t tell you.

In this humble little volume is gathered together a collection of the wisest counsel and advice on the Noble Sport in all its forms. Included here are fantastic original photographs and illustrations from the 1880s through the 1920s, the rules and etiquette of golf as described by the wittiest classic sources, an old-school guide to the very best (and worst) of the world’s golf courses, and golf fashion at its vintage best.

The ball will not land always on the fairway, the wind will sometimes blow against you, there are times when those natty plus-fours will end the day so besmirched and bespattered by sand and grime that you know in your heart of hearts they will never be the same again, but despair not! For this book will ensure you come off with top honors even when the odds are against you.

Publication date: November 11, 2014 (source)

About the Author

Golf obsessive Percival Farquhar lives in Oxford, but is forever dreaming of the rolling green plains of St Andrews Links. This is his first book.

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