Golf Books #163 (Golf’s Forgotten Legends: & Unforgettable Controversies)

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Golf's Forgotten Legends & Unforgettable ControversiesHis father didn’t want him playing golf, he was stricken with tuberculosis at 33, and he used a golf swing pros would never teach today. Yet he is renowned for being the world’s first superstar golfer and greatest of his time. He was America’s first golf hero, yet most American golfers know very little about him. At 19 he won the U.S. National Open and did it again the following year.

However, he was ruthlessly maligned by Golf Magazine and the film “The Greatest Game Ever Played. He was arguably the most talented golfer in the history of the game, gaining prominence from the 1930s to 1950s. He was the first golfer in history to be blackballed by the PGA Tour for being too good. The greatest players came to him for instruction, including Ben Hogan.

This golf pro threw away a U.S. Open Championship after she finished the tournament with the winning score. Read the story of her innocent mistake and what she could have done to reclaim her title.

Publication date: April 7, 2015 (source)

About the Author

Jeff Gold is the ghostwriter of numerous books, several of them literary masterpieces, but due to the confidential nature of his ghostwriting agreements, the titles must remain secret. However, with Golf’s Forgotten Legends, we can actually tell you that Jeff Gold definitely did write this amazing book and he views it as, unquestionably, his greatest literary achievement.