Golf Books #257 (The Random History of Golf: Embarassing Shanks & Outrageous Slices)

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Golf Books #257 (The Random History of Golf: Embarassing Shanks & Outrageous Slices)0

Any golfers who have pined for their putters, waxed lyrical about their sand wedge, or fondled a five iron will appreciate this fun compilation of sports reports, spoof correspondence, and reminiscences from pros, caddies, playing partners, and armchair pundits.

With humorous illustrations on every page, it captures the comedy, controversy, and curious courses that are all part of the game. Among the stories it tells: Mary Queen of Scots playing a round just after her husband got killed; the origin of the term “birdie”; champion Lee Trevino’s prank with a rubber snake; and a fly-on-the-wall documentary that embarrassed an upscale golf club so badly that the entire board resigned.

Publication date: May 1, 2018 (source)

About the authors – Justyn Barnes, a former editor of United magazine, is now a freelance writer, contributing regularly to various titles including FourFourTwo, JACK, and Sky The Magazine. He has written many sport and humor books, including those in the Reduced/Random History series.

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