Golf Books #265 (The Release: Golf’s Moment of Truth)

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71-fawun7elToo much of what we hear of golf instruction is either way too simple or way too complex. It is either just another tip or the instruction is so clouded in scientific language that you need an advanced degree to understand it.

This book will completely explain club delivery and will teach you there are two very opposite ways to do it. Both are in the Hall of Fame and you will learn which release belongs in your game and how to correctly execute it. In his fourth and latest book, The Release: Golf’s Moment of Truth, Jim Hardy tackles the most critical part of the golf swing.

His simple, clear explanations of the two types of releases in the golf swing (RIT and LOP) will be sure to help everyone determine what is best for their swing and instantly hit the next ball better. His clear explanations using photos and simple terminology promises that you will not be bogged down with language you do not understand, or information that does not easily relate to results. Everyone wants results and the clearer the information is communicated to you the sooner the results are achieved.

Publication date: July 1, 2016 (source)

About the Author

Jim Hardy has developed a reputation for delivering clear, simple ways to understand this complex game. He was an All-American golfer at Oklahoma State and went on to play the PGA TOUR before focusing on his passion for golf instruction. As a mentor to many TOUR players, Jim has been fixing the swings of amateurs and professionals since 1977. His coaching has produced four PGA TOUR Comeback Players of the Year. Hardy is considered one of America s 50 Greatest Teachers by Golf Digest and ranked in the Top 100 Teachers list of Golf Magazine. In 2007, he was voted PGA National Teacher of the Year, in 2011 he was inducted into the Texas Golf Hall of Fame, and most recently, in 2015, was inducted into the prestigious World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame.