Golf Books #321 (Golf: Fairway Fables)

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Golf Books #321 (Golf: Fairway Fables)1

Simon Drew has produced this book in much the same way he played golf. In the dim distant past he would attempt to drive a ball straight down the fairway only to see it fly off at a tangent in a direction the ball had chosen all on its own. Now he finds his drawings behave in a similar manner; whatever the intention, you never know what the end result will be.

This book will poke fun at almost anyone who loves golf and a few who don’t. Most of the verses and word plays are by Simon Drew though a couple of well-known quotations were too good to ignore.

It includes the Ballad of the Lost Ball, which turns golf into pantomime: something that happens to most golfers sooner or later.

Simon Drew lives in Dartmouth, England, with his wife, Caroline, and his dog, Rabbit. He works mainly in pen and ink, making fiendishly inventive drawings of everyday objects, birds and animals embellished with devious rhymes and word play. His work is widely acclaimed and exhibited, and is already the subject of numerous books. Drew’s designs are also incorporated into a wide variety of stationery and accessories ranging from cards, mugs, t-shirts and aprons.

(source) Released on August 16, 2013.

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