Golf Books #373 (‘Dream On’: One Hacker’s Challenge to Break Par in a Year)

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Golf Books #373 (‘Dream On’: One Hacker’s Challenge to Break Par in a Year)0

Meet John Richardson. A typical weekend golfer who enjoyed the game but couldn’t break one hundred. Married. One seven-year old daughter. Full-time job. But he differed from the average 24-handicapper in one crucial way. He was determined to break par within a year at the local golf course, while working in a demanding full-time job and trying his best to remain a good husband and father. Virtually everyone he came across told him that it wasn’t possible. Sam Torrance advises John to ‘dream on’ and Darren Clarke tells him that three years would be a more realistic time frame. Add to the mix a range of golfing injuries, family responsibilities and a rigorous working schedule, and you can understand why there were so many doubters. Dream On is the story of how John achieved the seemingly impossible – from how the initial challenge took shape and the methods he used to dramatically improve his game to that glorious day, less than one year later, when he broke par and played the best round of his life. (source)

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