The world’s Most Northerly golf course: Tromsø Golf Park, Norway

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Tromsø Golf Park, the northernmost 18-hole golf course in the world, is located a 35 minute drive from the city centre of Tromsø, Norway. With the Lyngen alpine mountain range as a backdrop and adjacent to one of the region’s best salmon rivers, the golf park is situated on former grounds inhabited by the Sami culture.

The location of the golf course, some distance from Tromsø city centre, ensures that the golfer’s experience of the game will be accompanied only by the sound of other golfers discussing their own golfing performance. As Artic Circle Norwegians have no sense of territory, the club also has a local rule: even if the ball lands into one of the unfenced gardens that border the course, you are allowed to pitch it back onto the course.

The serene peacefulness and tranquility of the area will guarantee the visitor an extraordinary golfing experience. With its close proximity to the sea, the area looks as if it has been taken right out of a tourist brochure depicting some of the most intense nature experience Norway can offer her guests and visitors.