Golf Books #164 (Mind Games: Daily Meditations for Great Golf)

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Mind Games Daily Meditations for Great GolfThis book of daily meditations for golfers has a different theme for each month and a different meditation for each day. Each meditation has some thoughts for your reflection and has a unique affirmation at the end, which you use for your meditation. You mindfully read the reflection and then meditate on the affirmation. The book includes the chapters, Being on Your Way, Being Proactive, Being Triumphant, Being a Champion, Being in the Zone, Being Powerful, Being in Training, Being Healthy, Being a Great Short Gamer, Being a Superb Ball Striker, and Being Mentally Tough.

The Second Edition includes a mental game assessment so that readers can know how to use the book most effectively. The introduction is simpler. The meditations and affirmations have been updated and simplified for ease of use. The sanctuary meditation technique is more integrated throughout the book. The Meditation Scripts chapter has been updated and simplified. The language in the book is more conversational.

There is a crucial difference between reading about our mental game and improving our mental game. Having knowledge is useful, but it isn’t sufficient to cause change. We need to apply our essential knowledge to make important changes and develop ourself so that we can have the golf game we desire. This book gives you a powerful way of bridging the gap between knowledge and effective action.

This book gives you a powerful way of developing your golf mental game. The essence of a strong mental game is the ability to manage our thinking, emotions, and physical states in order to perform at our highest levels. We learn to manage our thinking, emotions, and physical states by practicing the right kinds of meditation. This book will coach you in how to do that.

For many of us golfers, playing at a high level or “in the zone” is an unpredictable event. We don’t know when or why it happens. After we have learned to meditate effectively, we recognize that the experiences that we have while meditating are similar to the experiences we have while playing in the zone. That’s because playing in the zone is a meditative state. We can learn to play in the zone more often by learning to meditate in the right ways. When we learn to meditate, we learn to manage ourself in ways that are conducive to optimal performance. That’s what this book teaches you to do.

Meditation may not be what you think it is. This form of meditation does not require you to sit for long periods of time in silence. This form of meditation actively uses your imagination. The book assumes that you do not have any experience with meditation. With this book, you have a program for developing your mental game in as little as 15 minutes per day.

Publication date: July 14, 2014 (source)

About the Author

William Chandon, Ph.D, is a mental performance coach who teach golfers, athletes, and coaches how to reach their potential and grow as competitors and as people. He draws on his broad experience as a golfer and athlete in many sports in high school, college, and beyond.

He has a doctoral degree in human and organizational development. For over thirty years, he has had a passion for understanding how the mind works. He studied philosophy as a Jesuit seminarian and learned about the power of thinking and meditation to transform lives. He has practiced meditation himself for over thirty years and is an avid golfer.

He also wrote Mind Games: Daily Meditations for Great Athletes; Mind Games: Meditations for Great Putting; Mind Games: Meditations for Great Coaches; and Meditation for Active People. He co-wrote the management book Smart Questions: Learn to Ask the Right Questions for Powerful Results. You can reach Dr. Chandon or find our more at

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