The Reason Behind Shotgun Tournaments

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The Reason Behind Shotgun Tournaments0
Bird discovers balls bounce


Posted by Somèrfield Beauty on Saturday, August 3, 2019

Golf Books #54 (The Michelle Wie Way)

By on Thursday 15, December

The Michelle Wie Way: Inside Michelle Wie’s Power-Swing Technique. When Michelle Wie became the...

Golf Movies #18 (29 and Holding – 2004)

By on Thursday 28, June

The inevitable “mid-life crisis,” even if it happens to occur when reaching the ripe...

Golf Books #235 (The Captain Myth: The Ryder Cup and Sport’s Great Leadership Delusion)

By on Tuesday 17, May

The War on the Shore, the Battle of Brookline, the Miracle of Medinah–the Ryder...