2010 New Groove Specifications, Do You Need to Worry About?

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New specifications for the allowable volume of grooves (their width and depth) and the sharpness of the groove edges were implemented from January 2010, the new specs – less volume, less sharpness – apply to all irons for groove volume and all irons with loft of 25 degrees or greater for groove sharpness.

So will you need to worry about? Most of us have nothing to worry about, we won’t be forced to buy new clubs and we won’t be prohibited from using pre-2010 grooves so do not rush to buy new equipment as if you do not play highly competitive amateur tournaments, you can continue playing pre-2010 grooves at least until the year 2024.

In 2010, the new groove rules apply to golfers on professional tours and Major amateur tournaments will only implement the Condition of Competition in 2014. Local club tournaments can implement the Condition of Competition, but are unlikely to do for many years to follow.

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