Adrenaline Tour #4 (Merapi Golf Course)

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If you don’t fancy swinging your club in the middle of a war zone perhaps you consider a visit to the Merapi Golf Course in Indonesia. Situated 800 meter above sea level the Merapi Golf Course is 18 hole, Par 72 with 5805 meters and one of the most unusual courses in the world.

The views are beautiful, the temperatures are scorching but there is one small problem. The course has been built on the rim of an active volcano.

Despite being only five miles from the crater, golf is still actively played here, people visiting this public course on the outskirts of the ancient city of Yogyakarta report beautiful weather, stunning views and an almost mystic feeling from the location.It’s an awe-inspiring round, especially when you realize the mountain overshadowing the course is Mount Merapi, an active volcano that last erupted in December 2010.

The wave of ash that blew over the course and the surrounding area has been cleaned up and play has resumed. Visitors will see remnants of past eruptions when strolling down the fairways which I guess in a way adds to the spectacular surroundings. Just keep an ear out for the emergency alarms, you might be forced to evacuate in the middle of your game.