Brijuni Golf Course, Croatia

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Brijuni Golf Course, Croatia2

The Brijuni Golf Course is known as one of the most environmentally friendly ones in the area, so the peace and silence of untouched nature that will welcome the golfers are no wonder and will provide an unsurpassable experience of playing under the centuries-old treetops of Mediterranean trees.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Brijuni Golf Gourse became an elite meeting place for aristocracy and golf champions from around the world and the world’s first golf resort. Today it is accessible to all golfers, from amateurs and recreational players to professional players. The 5.531-meter long golf course consists of 18 golf holes.

Playing golf on Brijuni is a unique feeling that provides absolute relaxation from everyday stress. With a wide natural beauty around you and the possibility of playing by the coast, fun is guaranteed.

The subtle rippling of the sea surface and the rustling holm oak and Aleppo pine form a unique combination for achieving inner peace, so you can fully dedicate yourself to what you like – playing golf.