Devereux: Golf apparel for every occasion

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Shared from Chapeau Noir Golf

If you have yet to hear of Devereux, consider yourself informed. Like a now well known and widely distributed California cousin, Devereux is on track to become a green grass staple.

Inspiration for Devereux’s Proper Collection for Fall of 2014 comes by way of Miami — 1950s and 60s Miami — and we can certainly see the influence.

Constructed for golfers and travelers alike, Devereux is designed “to easily transcend from on-course to off-course or from city to city, whatever the occasion.”

Though this is a familiar refrain we hear from nearly every new golf apparel entrant, the distinct versatility of Devereux’s latest collection is easily recognized.

For more, check out Devereux’s Fall 2014 Lookbook.