Dunkerque Grand Littoral Golf Course, France

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Golfe de Dunkerque Grand Littoral is situated in the Pas de Calais region in France, set on 350 acres of landscaped grounds, a unique 18-hole course that challenges all skill levels. The course has been recently re-landscaped to provide a 27 hole course inspired by Dunkirk’s 17th century fortifications.  Driving off artillery towers and bastions and navigating water hazards make for an unforgettable golfing experience.

The course has gently undulating wide fairways made intimidating by its ditches and lakes; tees of exceptional size, wide fairways with gentle curves but made formidable by the presence of ditches and water, with their nine ‘fortified’ holes whose geometry evokes the architecture of the celebrated Vauban.

Each player will direct his drive and approach through bastions, curtains and artillery towers over a character golf course which cannot fail to move. Over the course you will be treated to surprising views over the tours and belfries of Flanders.

In the Spring, holes 4, 6 and 15 are cheered by the beautiful colours of irises and broom. The variety of the flora and fauna cannot but win the hearts of nature lovers. The most nostalgic and sporting players will cover the nine-hole golf course which, with its technicality and the quality of its greens considered to be among the best in the region, gives this course an excellent reputation.

In terms of facilities, there is a practice range with 46 spaces (including 8 raised spaces) where golfers can hone their skills before tackling the 9-hole course, with its different starting points and large, impressive fairways.