Environmental Golf Courses #9 – Broken Sound Club, Florida, USA

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The Broken Sound Club, a 36-hole prestigious members’ club in Boca Raton, Florida, has hosted the PGA Senior Tour Allianz Championship since 2007 and excels at waste reduction and management, according to GEO.

“They have a fantastic community-based green waste recycling, composting, and resource reduction initiative,” says GEO’s Jonathan Smith.

An aggressive composting program makes use of grass clippings and food waste from the property and surrounding community and the resulting nutrient-rich compost is used to help fertilize fairways and roughs, a measure that can help reduce the use of manufactured fertilizers.

The clubhouse has stopped using polystyrene cups, and the pro shops specialize in products from companies that monitor their supply chains for environmental stewardship and efficiency.

Tasha Eichenseher (source – National Geographic – “National Geographic News series on global water issues.