First Look: Oakley Cipher Shoe

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Shared from – Chapeau Noir Blog – Trends in Golf Apparel.

This is the time of year Chapeau Noir receives a myriad of glorious event invites from golf companies far and wide / large and small, most of which revolve around the year’s biggest golf shmoozefest, January’s PGA Merchandising Show in Orlando.

Unfortunately (because CNG isn’t a full time money making venture) Chapeau Noir must, with deep regret, turn down tantalizing invites such as the one that arrived this week from Oakley, touting the 2012 release of the Oakley Cipher golf shoe.

With the Cipher, Oakley is throwing it’s announcing it’s presence in the alt-golf shoe game, as this ultra-lightweight beauty features ‘nanospike’ technology to replace traditional spikes while offering superior traction.

With more and more of the industry’s established market leaders entering the hybrid golf shoe game on the heels of early to market trend setters like ECCO, TRUE Linkswear, Kikkor, it is innovation — and ultimately the consumer — who will benefit from a wider choice of styles, fit, and niche.