Golf Books #14 (Golf, Naked: The Bare Essentials Revealed)

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If a golf swing takes a few seconds to execute, and a player shoots 100, what’s happening on the course for the three hours and fifty-five minutes when players are swinging? An easy, amusing read, Golf, Naked is packed with tips, tales, tricks of the trade, and lessons for life that describe the 99 percent of the game that no one talks about. And it’s written by bona fide club-selling, lesson-giving, cart-washing, vest-wearing PGA Golf Pro Greg Rowley. He offers information and advice that will help all golfers master the complete game, including the stuff that truly demonstrates a player’s experience, comfort, confidence, and grace. The book answers such specific questions as:

  • Who should you tip on the golf course?
  • When and how is it okay to gamble?
  • What do you do if the players in front of you are holding up your game?
  • What is a sand bagger?
  • What’s the best way to grip a club?
  • How do you calculate a handicap?
  • When is it okay to move your ball?
  • If you are wearing brown shoes, what color should your socks and belt be?

“I began golfing some 20 years ago with a handful of lessons from my father and a lot of time on the course with my childhood friends who knew no more about the game than I did. Looking back, “Golf, Naked” would have been the ideal tool to learn the nuances of the game, particularly the etiquette that may have been missing from my game as a youth. Today, as a more seasoned player, I still find “Golf, Naked” to be useful resource. Rowley uses incredible wit and humor to share his love for the game, and even an experienced golfer will enjoy picking up some new lessons while being reminded of old ones.” S.M. Thomas.

“This book is an absolute knockout. I’m a relatively new golfer and this book was recommended by a friend; the recommendation was spot on. It’s a book that I could enjoy reading even taken out of the context of getting better at golf because it holds your interest and has some really great stories. In addition though, the book really gives you a new perspective on the game which can be valuable to a new golfer like me, or someone who is much more experienced like my buddy. If you have any interest in golf and want a great read to go with some valuable info, this book is the perfect option.” T.S. Chamberlain (source)

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