Golf Books #231 (Shafted! Everything You Ever Need To Know about the Engine of the Golf Club)

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41IcsxiHhzLDo you know how golf began? No? You’re not alone – no one does. Make up any story you like. Dutchmen banging balls across frozen canals. Lonely shepherds whacking pebbles up and down Scottish sand dunes. Ancient Romans slugging stuffed leather balls towards Corinthian columns. Take your pick. But every origin story you land on has one thing in common – the game is played with a stick. Today that stick is called a shaft.

It is the most important element of the golf club – the only means of imparting energy to the golf ball. The shaft is responsible for the accuracy, distance and trajectory of every golf shot. It is not for nothing that the shaft is called the “engine of the golf club.” Like a stock car, you can make all the modifications you want but the best engine is still the favorite to win the race.

And the only way to squeeze every last drop of potential from your golf clubs is to have them outfitted with the proper shaft. And yet for most golfers the shaft is the least understood element in golf…

Publication date: March 8, 2016 (source)