Golf Books #241 (Putting It Out There: Life in Full Swing)

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511Ox-nGlxLTake a professional golfer and amateur life coach, uproot him 6,000 miles to a land far away, and throw in plenty of challenges, hurdles and culture clashes. This book is the result of one such adventure. As a full time coach I know about learning, developing and improving.

We all learn and grow through facing new situations, making mistakes and trialling alternatives. This book follows my journey of becoming acclimatised to life in China, with all the fun and frustration that entails. Inside you will find ridiculous stories from a world far removed from anything I had previously experienced, each with a life lesson alongside and a challenge to consider how you might apply this yourself.

As someone who gets unrivalled job satisfaction from being able to help others to grow, both inside and outside the world of golf, I truly hope this book can make you laugh, ponder and consider how you respond to challenges, decisions, and life’s twists and turns. Join me in considering how to live this life to the absolute maximum.

Publication date: April 14, 2016 (source)

About the Author

I am a UK-born PGA golf professional, amateur photo bomber, and full-time life lover. When lack of height stopped my dream of playing professional football in its tracks, the local golf course became my second home. I realised I had a talent for the sport and, after many hours of practice, competition and improvement turned professional and studied for a degree in Applied Golf Management at the University of Birmingham, England. After my initial attempts at undergraduate essays there, it’s quite ironic that I am now a published author! Inspired by the many opportunities in the huge world of golf, I have been able to spend time as a teaching professional in many fantastic places through utilising the power of social media, networking, and a growing reputation. Mixing my love of golf and travel, I have coached all over the world, including aboard a cruise ship during a 100 day world tour, and at many of the world’s finest golf courses and academies across Europe, Asia, and America. I have shadowed and spent time with many of the greatest coaches on the planet in order to improve my coaching. However, even for such a committed golfer, there is much more to life! When not golfing, I can be found behind a drum kit, or reading, cooking, eating, laughing, learning new skills, practicing Mandarin, exercising, training for the upcoming North Korean marathon, getting lost and discovering new places in my own city, or on a plane heading somewhere new to explore. I am getting ever closer to visiting every country and I aim to live this life as well as is humanly possible.

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