Golf Books #254 (Feel. Simple. Golf.: A Simple Guide Inspired by Percy Boomer Drive as You Putt and Putt as You Drive)

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719z8rq9qxlGolf too complex? It is, but your swing can be simple! Only five fundamentals with easy step-by-step instructions to master them. Use the same swing movement to drive, chip, and putt. Feel a good swing, then swing that feel to play your best. Tame your mind so it works for you. Simple! You can do this!

A simple version of Ward and Woods’ technical reference manual, Experience the Feel of Simple Golf (2016), this book unwraps the secrets of Percy Boomer’s paradigm-shifting approach to a powerful, accurate, and consistent golf swing. Feel. Simple. Golf. takes to the next level the teachings of Boomer in his 1946 book On Learning Golf. Percy Boomer was an inaugural member of the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame and Sports Illustrated’s #1 ranked all-time golf swing guru.

Feel. Simple. Golf. is based on “old school/classic” swing fundamentals reminiscent of Hogan and Nicklaus. Case studies bring the fundamentals to life. Know and rely upon the “feels” of doing each fundamental well. Learn when to engage your brain and then how to quiet it to perform your best. Fix your own swing problems using a 7-step troubleshooting process. Journal what you learn.

Read this book with club in hand!

Publication date: July 26, 2016 (source)

About the Author

John E. Ward is a professional golf instructor with more than forty years in the business. He has coached nearly ten thousand golfers, including professionals competing on both mini and major tours. He played in the 2009 US Senior Open and finished as an alternate in the qualifying for the 2013 US Senior Open. Ward coauthored with Dr. Woods Experience the Feel of Simple Golf (2016). Ward lives in Denver, Colorado.

Paul K. Woods, Ph.D., a student of Ward’s, is an industrial-organizational psychologist. Woods pairs his forty years of experience in improving organizational performance with Ward’s golfing proficiency to develop, improve, and fix golf swings.