Golf Books #264 (YIPS: The Subconscious Cure)

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Golf Books #264 (YIPS: The Subconscious Cure)0

The YIPS have destroyed the careers of many professional golfers and even takes the fun out of recreational golf. If you want to remove the YIPS from your golf game or just want to learn more about the YIPS – then this book is for you.

This book was written and designed to help folks that are struggling with the YIPS, a negative phenomenon in golf that detracts golfers from enjoying the game and playing their best. The content in this book is based on Dr. Anders’ professional experience as a licensed mental health practitioner and a professional athlete.

The size of the book is designed to be short, with readily applicable content. It will be appreciated by those that do not want to learn technical jargon and read about hundreds of examples. Dr. Anders’ approach to eliminate the YIPS has been thoroughly researched with personal application and adjustments and by many other professional and amateur golfers. It is a process that works.

This is not a book to read for entertainment, it is a book to show a golfer how to eliminate the unforgiving YIPS. However, the exciting part about the concept presented is that it can be applied to any area of life that would like to be changed. Set aside an hour and enjoy learning of how to change your life for the better, on and off the golf course.

Publication date: April 11, 2018 (source)