Golf Books #274 (Leslie Nielson’s Stupid Little Golf Book)

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To movie audiences worldwide, Leslie Nielsen is best known as Lieutenant Frank Drebin, the zany hero of the hilarious Naked Gun films. But to duffers around the globe, he has long been famous for a different role, as the World’s Greatest Bad Golfer — the Guru of Bad Golf.

Now, working with humorist and fellow hacker Henry Beard, Nielsen has drawn on a lifetime of brilliantly uninspired play to produce the unique collection of useless wisdom, spurious reminiscences, and pointless tips that is the Stupid Little Golf Book..

Painstakingly fabricated to look like the result of years of study of the game of golf, the Stupid Little Golf Book contains no dopey drills, no mind-game mumbo jumbo, no swing-wrecking instruction. Just simple common-sense advice on how to needle, wheedle, weasel, wangle, chisel, finagle, connive, and fudge your way to victory on the links, interspersed with hear-twarming tales
of duplicity, chicanery, mendacity, and truly deplorable sportsmanship.

Covering everything from fundamentals, such as the grip (“always hold the club at the thin end where that length of rubber stuff is, and not the end that has that curvy metal or wooden thing with the number on it”), to A Foolproof Way to Knock at Least Six Strokes off Your Score (“skip the last hole”), this is, finally, a golf book for the rest of us, by the man who put fun back into the game of golf.

Leslie Nielsen is one of the funniest and most popular actors of our time.  He has appeared in leading roles in innumerable films and is world-renowned as the lovable star of the phenomenally successful Naked Gun movies.

Leslie Nielsen is, of course, the World’s Only Professional Bad Golfer, whose many memorable awful shots have made him an integral part of the rich history of the game. Shots like “The Shank Heard Round the World,” which ended the aptly named sudden-death playoff at Pebble Beach; the amazing “hole-in-none,” 167-yard gimme on the short par-3 at Glen Abbey; and the unforgettable 440-yard drive to the green on the Road Hole at St. Andrews, with the cart in reverse the entire way.

Nielsen has drawn on a lifetime of less-than-stellar play to produce theStupid Little Golf Book. Here at last is a golf book that truly lives up to its name.

Henry Beard was a founder of National Lampoon and the magazine’s editor during its heyday in the 1970s. He is the author of several bestselling humor books, including Golfing: A Duffer’s DictionaryMulligan’s Laws, and The Official Exceptions to the Rules of Golf.

Publication date: March 1, 1995