Golf Books #278 (The Smart & Easy Guide to Winning at Golf)

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Golf Books #278 (The Smart & Easy Guide to Winning at Golf)0

The Ultimate Golfing Instruction Book to Help Your Putting, Driving, Mid-Game, Psychology & Practice

Golf -the romance of the socialite, or more conventionally, the social-elite-is trending across all social groups these days. Authored by an avid golfer and PGA veteran writing under a penname, this Smart & Easy Guide is a joy to read for anyone who is interested in Golf. Written like with the same rhythm and control that define golf itself, the book introduces you to a number of subtle factors and simple techniques that make the difference between winning and losing. This book would help you learn:

How to achieve your balance and focus while golfing -How to leverage wind, weather, and golf course condition to your advantage -How to hold the clubs, attain proper posture and swing -When to use which particular club, and the qualities of each -Tips and technique for putting -Avoiding and getting out of golf traps -Golfing software and where to use them -Golfing etiquettes -And, most importantly, how to develop a winning habit “To find a man’s true character, play golf with him,” said P G Wodehouse.

However, you can’t prove your mettle in golf unless you are good at it. Losing game after game makes you hate the sport, until an occasional win lifts your spirits. After reading this book, your triumph in golf would not depend on chance as much as it used to. Those who have played golf may be aware of its addictive potential. It’s a game of tremendous drama and intense emotion. Winning at golf can mean living on the high, while losing game after game can drain your confidence, apart from causing extreme frustration. Thankfully, Smart & Easy Guide to Winning at Golf is a book that seems to contain all the secrets to golfing success in its 60 or so pages.

The absorbing style of the book engrosses you right from the first chapter, which talks about the importance of balance in golf and compares it to Zen meditations. The following chapters give you a quick rundown through the basics of golf-the wind, the weather and the warm up-before exploring the more intricate subjects of stance and grip in a simple and practical manner. The properties of golf courses; the use of clubs, woods and putter; putting techniques and tips; golf traps; pitching and sand wedging-it’s all in there, described with great simplicity. The guide contains valuable tips and insider secrets that could only have come from a professional golfer like the author himself. Toward the end of the book, there are a couple of chapters on golfing software that professional golfers use for tracking their handicaps or improving their swings.

There’s practically no area of golfing that the book doesn’t touch. It can be rightfully termed as a golfer’s handbook or a golfing manual for beginners and intermediaries. If you are struggling at the Tees or the Greens, or maybe in the Roughs, this Smart & Easy Guide will take you to the next level. Following its easy, step-by-step guidance, you can overcome your shortcomings and play golf like pros. It’s a good read for any golfer, though.

Publication date: October 22, 2013 (source)