Golf Books #301 (Through the Green: Golf Shots, Spots and Stories Inspirations and Aspirations)

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Golf Books #301 (Through the Green: Golf Shots, Spots and Stories Inspirations and Aspirations)0

Golf is more than a game. It mirrors life and is a great revealer of character. Take it from author Joseph Bronson, who has played golf for over 40 years at many of the top courses in the world, from the United States to Scotland, United Kingdom, China, Japan, New Zealand, and even Israel. 

Through the Green: Golf Shots, Spots, and Stories Inspirations and Aspirations details how to play Pebble Beach from an amateur and professional perspective; contains a complete layout of the world’s hardest and most enjoyable holes that he has played; and delights with a fictional short story about a retired business executive who tries to compete for a USGA national championship.

Golf is a difficult game to play and more difficult to master, but with Bronson’s experience and insights, golfers and non-golfers alike will want to improve their golf game and relish the challenges that the game provides. Proceeds from book sales will facilitate college golf programs and The First Tee.

Publication date: August 29, 2018 (source)

About the author – Joe Bronson’s successful business career with global responsibilities has enabled him to enjoy a unique set of golf experiences throughout the world. Joe is a member of Monterrey Peninsula Country Club in Pebble Beach, California, Cordevalle Country Club in San Martin, Ca. and Boulder Ridge Golf Club in San Jose, Ca. He has played 87 of the top 100 courses in the US and has played in England, Scotland, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, China, Malaysia,Singapore, Korea Australia, New Zealand and even Israel. He plays golf and practices at least twice a week. 

The first book project, “Golf Chronicles” evolved from a series of experiences, stories, vignettes and opinions about various aspects of golf seldom discussed in the media coverage of golf. The project was conceived three years and the work was published in April, 2016. The second book, “Through the Green” was published on August 30, 2018 and was completed in about 18 months. “Through the Green” covers a number of the great golf venues such as Pebble Beach and Bandon Dunes. The big difference in this book is that there is a fictional short story to close the book that is about a retired executive who competes for a USGA Senior Amateur title.