Golf Books #320 (The Ultimate Golf Trivia Book: 600 Questions for the Super-Fan)

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Golf Books #320 (The Ultimate Golf Trivia Book: 600 Questions for the Super-Fan)1

Become a golf trivia expert with these challenging questions about Jack Nicklaus, the Masters, Tiger Woods, and more!

The Ultimate Golf Trivia Book tests and expands your knowledge of golf—covering the sport from the 1970s (and earlier) up to the present day. In this collection of six hundred questions, seasoned sports writer Ryan Hannable tests your level of expertise on all things golf. Some of the many questions that Hannable poses include:

  • Which major was Jack Nickalus’s 18th and final one?
  • What is the only Grand Slam tournament Lee Trevino did not win?
  • Where did Jordan Spieth go to college?
  • At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, which golfer won gold in the men’s individual tournament?

Superstars of the past and present are represented, from Walter Hagen to Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer to Jason Day, Gary Player to Brooks Koepka, Ben Hogan to Phil Mickelson and everyone in between. The book also includes a special section on the rules of the game.

The Ultimate Golf Trivia Book is the definitive test for knowledgeable golf fans!

Publication date: May 5, 2020

About the Author

Ryan Hannable is a sportswriter for WEEI in Boston with a personal passion for golf. He has covered multiple PGA Tour events over the years, and his work has appeared in outlets like Hannable resides in Boston, Massachusetts.