Golf Books 325 (The Murder of Marion Miley)

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Golf Books 325 (The Murder of Marion Miley)0

Today, the name Marion Miley is largely unrecognizable, but in the fall of 1941, she was an internationally renowned golf champion, winning every leading women’s tournament except the elusive national title. This unassuming 27-year-old girl was beloved by all she met, including celebrities like jazz crooner Bing Crosby.

With ambitions to become a doctor, it seemed Marion Miley was headed for greatness. But on September 28, six gunshots broke through the early morning stillness of the Lexington Country Club. Marion had been brutally murdered. News of her death spread quickly, headlining major papers such as the New York Times. Support flooded in, spurring police in the hunt for her killers.

However, the bombing of Pearl Harbor less than two months later would redirect public attention and sweep Marion’s story to a forgotten corner of time – until now. The Murder of Marion Miley recounts the ensuing manhunt and trial, exploring the impact of class, family, and opportunity in a world where steely determination is juxtaposed with callous murderous intent. As the narrative voice oscillates between Marion’s father, her best friend, and one of her killers, an ever-present specter of what could have been — not just for Marion, but for all those affected by her tragic death — is conjured. By blending intensive research with the true crime genre, Beverly Bell succeeds in producing a passionate homage to one of the greatest golfers of the early twentieth century.

Publication Date: 22 April 2020

Abouth the Author

Beverly Bell is an award-winning magazine and crime writer whose work has appeared in Arizona HighwaysIndianapolis MonthlyKeeneland Magazine, and Kentucky Monthly. Bell is also a featured consultant in Kentucky Education Television’s recent documentary Forgotten Fame: The Marion Miley Story.