Golf Books #384 (18 Golfing Secrets : Strategies, Tips, Drills and Philosophies To Shoot Lower Scores)

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Golf Books #384 (18 Golfing Secrets : Strategies, Tips, Drills and Philosophies To Shoot Lower Scores)0

Each chapter covers specific golfing strategies, tips, drills and philosophies to shoot lower scores. Some of the chapters include the following…

Lesson No. 1: How to Calculate Yardages Like a Tour Caddy
Lesson No. 2: How Playing Undisciplined Golf is Crushing Your Game
Lesson No. 3: What to Think When Over the Ball 
Lesson No. 4: The Most Powerful Law in Golf 
Lesson No. 5: The Perfect 100 Ball Routine and The Tiger Woods Driving Range Drill
Lesson No. 6: How to Win and Get What You Want from the Game
Lesson No. 7: How to Hit More Fairways
Lesson No. 8: How to Develop the Habit of Practicing Consistently
Lesson No. 9: Course Navigation and Strategy – How to Move the Ball Around the Course Like a Pro
Lesson No.10: How to Keep Your Energy Levels Up Throughout the Round
Lesson No.11: How to Hit More Greens and Play Your Way into Your Round
Lesson No.12: How to Make More Putts and Get Up and Down More Often
Lesson No.13: The Power of Routines 
Lesson No.14: How to Develop Mental Toughness
Lesson No.15: How to Become a Master from 125 Yards and In
Lesson No.16: How to Let Go of Your Golfing Demons and Stay Present on the Golf Course
Lesson No.17: How to Swing the Club Faster and Hit Further
Lesson No.18: How to Find Your Game and Choose the Long-Term Path to Mastery

Bonus 1: For the Golfing Nerds – The Favorite Golfing List
Bonus 2: The Most Recommended Books, Drills and Training Aids from the Podcast 
Bonus 3: The Best 18 Mini Tips For Your Game

If you know someone who loves golf or you want to take your game to the next level. This fun light-hearted actionable book filled with stories throughout – will help you get there. (source)