Golf Books #388 (A Practical Guide to Golf Psychology)

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Golf Books #388 (A Practical Guide to Golf Psychology)0

Practical ideas, practical exercises and practical methods that will help you make sense of the mental game of golf. In the ever more saturated and confusing topic of Golf Psychology comes a simple step-by-step workbook. This book will walk you through the process of finding your weaknesses and doing something about them. Easy to find chapters on all the important subjects which contribute to your inner-game, whether it’s confidence, emotion or strategy, the practical tools it provides develops your understanding and leaves you with a plan of action.Years of experience coaching on the front line, author and PGA coach Dean J. Symonds has seen it all. What works, what doesn’t and how we can realistically put into action the theories of renowned psychologists such as Bob Rotella and Timothy Gallwey. Are you ready to take the long hard look in the mirror? If so, you’ll also want the tools to transform your performance for the better. This book takes you by the hand and leads you through the process of getting more enjoyment from your golf. (source)

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