Golf Books #56 (Two Good Rounds…)

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Two Good Rounds: 19th Hole Stories from the World’s Greatest Golfers

Play a round and have a drink with Jack Nicklaus, Annika Sörenstam, and many more.

Everybody loves a celebration, and golfers are no exception. It has long been a tradition after a round of golf to gather together and celebrate a win or merely enjoy the company of friends, new and old, with a second round at “the 19th hole,” a slang term used in golf that refers to a pub, bar, or restaurant on or near the golf course. Two Good Rounds is an interna-tional tribute to great golfers and the golf lifestyle, which often includes the enjoyment of drinks. In each chapter, golf writer Elisa Gaudet asks a notable professional golfer the same questions:

What is your favorite drink?
What is your favorite clubhouse or 19th hole?
And what is a special time or memory from a 19th hole?

The results yielded a wide array of answers ranging from crazy celebrations after a win to heartfelt memories of childhoods spent playing golf with family and friends. From the Arnold Palmer (½ lemonade, ½ iced tea) to the margarita (the preferred drink of tour star Vijay Singh), drinks and golf are inextricably linked. Two Good Rounds shows you how. (source)

Elisa Gaudet is a founding partner of Executive Golf International. She has over ten years of experience in servicing clients with their marketing, public relations, and sponsorship sales needs. Elisa has also appeared on numerous radio and TV programs and has been a guest speaker on a variety of golf topics.