Golf Books #87 (Adventures in Extreme Golf…

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…Incredible Tales on the Links from Scotland to Antarctica)

See golf courses located in the snow, desert, and mountains of the world!

For many golfers, the innocent thrill of striking a drive clearly, avoiding a deep bunker, or holing out an unlikely putt is all they need to make a round (or a whole year) of golf memorable. But there’s an obsessed subculture of modern players in search of something more. They’ve rediscovered the magic of the game in Adventures in Extreme Golf, and their adventures are about to inspire golfers everywhere.

Follow golfers like Andre Tolme and Torsten Schilling who go to Mongolia to play in a par 11,880 course, to 12,000 feet at Snowmass in Aspen, to the “naked open” in New Zealand, and to the freezing temperatures of Antarctica.

Duncan Lennard describes a world at the very edge of sport, where the courses may be only ten holes long, but the average length of each hole is 638 yards. Learn that your resilience, and not just a pretty swing, determines your success.

Adventures in Extreme Golf will take you all over the world and show you that a par four is nothing compared to these holes. See courses you’ve only seen in your dreams (or rather, your nightmares) and follow Duncan Lennard as he takes you on a trip to see why these courses and holes are considered “extreme.”

Publication Date: March 1, 2013 (source)

About the Author

Duncan Lennard is a freelance journalist who contributes to various publications, including Golf World and Today’s Golfer. He has interviewed many of the world’s greatest golfers and played some of the most extreme courses in far-flung places.