Golf On TV

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As golf has presented in Portugal an evolution that allows it already to dissociate of the image of an elitist sport, the Portuguese Sports Channel (Sport TV) has dedicated a channel exclusively dedicated to Golf (Sport TV Golf). On air since January 2010 this channel is available by cable on the main cable broadcasters in Portugal.  One of the reasons pointed by Controlinvest (the media group behind Sport TV) to bet in this thematic channel are the excellent conditions that Portugal offers for the practicing of golf are supported on the good climate all over the year and an excellent offer on golf courses and accommodation, it possess currently about 76 excellent courses and more than one hundred clubs spread for all the Country, that as attracted more adepts to this sport and allowed Portugal the organization of some of the most important international competitions in the recent years, that is why the Regulating Entity for Media and Broadcasting (ERC) authorized the activity of this thematic canal.

Sport TV Golf will be distributed in digital format and with special attention to the emissions in HD; it saw platforms as the handle, satellite and IPTV. Initially with a minimum weekly emission of 82 hours – Monday to Friday, from 2 p.m. to midnight, and on the weekends, from 8.00 a.m. to midnight, Sport TV Golf has already assured the exclusive televising transmission for Portugal of the American, European professional circuits, the 4 Majors world-wide and the Ryder Cup, among others.

The secretary of State for the sports, Laurentino Dias, congratuleted Sport TV for the investment on the golf sector, one of the modalities ” that has received more supports of the Government” , that represents 14% of the GIP in the tourist sector. Laurentino Dias still considered a beneficial initiative for the development of the national tourism.