Golf Relatated Tattos – Part 2

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Are you thinking about getting a golf related tattoo? Are you  saving a spot on the shoulder for a tatoo to celebrate your first hole-in-one? Remember some clubs will not let you play if the tatoo is visible so choose the position carefully. Take a look on some golf related tattoos bellow:

Golf Books #172 (Jack Harris: Australian Golfer Extraordinaire)

By on Tuesday 10, February

Jack Harris, Australian Golfer Extraordinaire is the untold story of one of Australia’s sporting...

Golf Books #280 (Vijay Singh: The True Story of the World’s No.1 Golfer)

By on Tuesday 30, October

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Curiosities of Golf I

By on Tuesday 22, January

1. 125,000 golf balls a year are hit into the water at the famous...