Golfers You Don’t Want In Your Foursome – #2

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The Vice-Ridden

Have you ever golfed with someone who was more concerned with stroking their ego than shaving strokes off their game? I have. It’s not fun. You can spot one of these golfers because they’ll find all sorts of excuses to explain away crappy shots (instead of just dealing with them).

Another way the egotist golfer can be spotted is when you golf with someone who intentionally plays down their skill only to hit some amazing shots. They hope that by underplaying their skill that they’ll be able to get lots of praise and attention when something goes really well – it works for a bit, but then people catch on.

The other vice-ridden golfer I don’t like playing with is the heavy drinker. Don’t get me wrong, I love a couple of cold beer on the course. But I only like a couple. While these golfers rarely show up wearing a beer hat – they do exist. They drink, they get sloppy, they get slow and, frequently, they get belligerent. The worst story I’ve heard is someone getting thrown off a course for taking a leak in a sand trap. Don’t golf with that guy.


The Rageaholic

Some rageaholics freak out because they drink too much, but others just have no self-control. You’ve seen these golfers and, from time-to-time, they’ve ended up as a golf partner of mine.

They throw their clubs, curse at the top of their lungs, kick the cart, and knock over their bag – they are no fun. They can also make situations awkard because, like golfing with a slow golfer, they are able to poison your reputation at the course and you do not want that.

To be continued… (source) Author – Stephen Moore (Director of Digital Marketing and Client Services for Onboardly )