Golfing in Thailand.

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Many golfers will agree and many doesn’t, but when you play in Thailand looks always spring due their caddies.

The famous Thai caddies will be one of the unique and wonderful experiences of your golf holiday. However, the problem is when you return home you may never enjoy the game of golf due to the absence of these charismatic caddies!

The caddies (mostly women)will all be particularly helpful, in the greater part of cases very pretty, and with a great sense of humor.

All the way through the game, they will handle an umbrella at the sun as golfers tread the fairways. They will also replace your divots and, if required, drive your golf cart.

These girls usually come from a poorer rural background and really appreciate and value their jobs. In fact, at many of the golf clubs they go to a caddie school where they learn, many aspects of the golf game with the intention of ensuring everyone’s golfing experience is as enjoyable as possible.

At the end of the day you are just beating the ball whilst they do the work. Please treat them with respect. They are really flowers on the course.