Hokkaido Brooks Country Club, Japan

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Hokkaido Brooks Country Club, Japan0

The massive ground of 1.65 million square meters has abundant green and gentle natural ups and downs.

The 18 holes at Hokkaido Brooks Country Club were laid out to go with nature as it is, with plenty of ups and downs on fairways, also with very beautiful scenery as well. Its style is very orthodox, not trying to draw attention, in a sense, the prototype of a golf course.

The course of the Hokkaido Brooks Country Club has an atmosphere similar to those of prestigious golf courses in the United States, both elegant and stately. Like prestigious golf courses in the United States, the course exploits the advantages of being “hand-made.” High-grade design ideas of Ed Sneed and Taizo Kawata, designers/supervisors of the course, are applied to every hole and corner to create a beautiful but strategic course, arousing golfers’ spirit of challenge.