Seasonal Trend | Is Navy the New Black?

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The question, “is ____ the new black?” has been around for ages. The fashion world has been struggling to find the answer, but this season the everlasting question has finally been answered. Yes, NAVY is the new black!

Navy is considered the most flattering color in the book. When worn in replacement of black, your entire outfit becomes less harsh. This allows the outfit to easily transfer from a day-time outfit to a night-time outfit.

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Not only does navy flatter everyones body type, navy also pairs well with any skin tone and hair color. There is no need to worry about getting “washed out” by the intense black anymore!

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When navy is paired with brights, the color adds an eye-catching contrast while still showing a casual yet playful look. This color will not only show personality, but will look sophisticated and professional at the same time.


Navy is a softer neutral than black. This color is so easy to wear allowing it to be even more versatile than the go-to black. Go ahead and buy some of our navy items this season, this adaptable color is not going out of style any time soon!

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