Should Tiger returns for US Masters ?

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The UK press have voiced their disapproval to Tiger Woods decision to return to golf at the US Masters in April. Many believe that the Tiger circus will take away from the tournament and shows a selfish arrogance by the world number one.

Oliver Holt, columnist of the Daily Mirror wrote this week “How could he do this to the Masters? How typical of the man to hijack the world’s most famous golf tournament.”

Also, Mark Reason from the Daily Telegraph was hard with the words used in his column, saying “Liar, liar. All that halting guff about maybe returning to golf one day was just a great big fib. Tiger, Tiger, pants on fire, nose as long as a telephone wire. How will the kids believe in him now?”

The Scottish newspapper The Herald, through Douglas Lowe mentioned that we should be not surprise about Tiger’s return, especially when he does not want speak about the news before the 19th of February.

Should we share these opinions or we are already missing the game of Tiger Woods?