Terravista Golf, Brazil

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Terravista Golf, Brazil2

Terravista is the most exclusive tourist and real estate development of Brazil.
Situated on top of the imposing cliffs of Trancoso, southern of Bahia internationally known as Discovery Coast of Brazil.

It was exactly at this location, where the Portuguese sailors first saw the Braziian coast line over 500 years ago. A mix of deserted beaches, pristine nature and magnificent views.

The idea of building a golf course came to life in 1997. Michael Rumpf-Gail, founding partner and president of the enterprise, had the conviction that a golf course would be a fundamental part of Terravista Brasil. When he chose the grounds where the golf course would be built, he had the dream of creating one of the best places to practice the sport in South America.

Seven years later the dream became reality. The golf course, occupying 70 hectares (distributed among planted grass, lakes and native vegetation), was designed by Dan Blankenship, the Gold Tee Golf International Architect from South Dakota State University. Blankenship is responsible for the creation and development of over 20 golf courses around the world.

The Terravista project started around November 2000 and was finished in May 2002. The construction lasted exactly 24 months, and was first open on May 27th of 2004. During the construction of the golf course there was a request from IPHAN (Institute of History Heritage and National Arts): They wanted an archaeological survey. They found a significant amount of traces of Aratu and Tupi Guarani civilizations. The location was exactly where the holes 14 and 15 are located today. The archaeological research done at the Terravista Complex, was the first excavation of a prehistoric site in southern Bahia. It took nearly two years to be accomplished and brought important information that provided an amazing source of information, which greatly helped the study of these civilization.