Timberlake to direct Callaway creatively

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With a new day job underway, Chapeau Noir is a few days late to the party on Callaway’s announcement of Justin Timberlake as Creative Director.

Though there is no mention of Callaway’s rather non-discript apparel line in the news release as part of Timberlake’s focus, Callaway would do well to tap into Justin’s sense of style. Under the title Creative Director, it would hardly be out of scope for Timberlake lend his influence to that side of Callaway’s business.

Said Timberlake of the relationship, “I’m looking forward to bringing a fresh perspective to this category — focusing on the social aspects, fun and lifestyle associated with Callaway and playing golf.”

The key word here for the style conscious among us being lifestyle — and last time Chapeau Noir checked, apparel is all about lifestyle. If anything, Timberlake’s more formal involvement at Callaway marks an awknowledgement that golf as a whole must grow beyond it’s traditional country club gates, and reach out to younger, more varied demographics if the industry as a whole is to flourish in the future.

Which leads Chapeau Noir to wonder — what to make of the past two years spent here on CNG? Perhaps there’s hope…

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