Time to Grip

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Ok, this is that time of the year that you have everything ready for your golf holiday! Tee-times, flight and accommodation booked, just browsing the web to get the best car rates and trying to get the best recommended places to eat. But take a look at your golf equipment, is everything ok?

Of course you would not go to a golf destination with your golf gear in bad shape! Come on take a closer look! Your grips look like they have been quite worn! Yes, grips are probably the most overlooked part of your equipment, which is surprising when you consider they’re the only part of your clubs that you touch.

So it makes sense to pay attention to your grips before you leave. If you are considering re-gripping your clubs or to custom-fit them there is a wide choice available in material (rubber, cord or synthetic), size, style and brand of grip you want.

Take a look at several new grips that came out for 2011, they should be available in local golf stores and pro shops if not just try to get them online, just click on the photos as they are linked to the manufacturers website.