What is a mini driver?

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What is a mini driver?0

And why do I need one in the bag? (shared from GolfPunk)

Seeing TaylorMade’ announcement (our coverage here) of its new mini driver got me thinking. What the hell is a mini driver? Surely, I need a Mahoosive big headed driver with a sweet spot the size of a tea plate which will launch the ball in to the stratosphere (Kaboom!). Did I not have a mini driver back in the 70s, it was made out of wood (persimmon if you were posh) and it had the propensity to fly all over the place.

Ooh surely it’s too small

So, what is a mini driver for and where does it fit in with the other 13 clubs in the bag? From what I can see it sits between the driver and the 3 wood – a sort of 2 wood maybe I hear you say. Well sort of as the idea is that folk often use the 3 wood off the tee more than they do off the fairway. They do it when they want that bit more accuracy and are happy to sacrifice yardage to get it. The brains at the top manufacturers saw a gap for a new product and so set about producing a club that was easier to hit of the tee than a 3 wood and perhaps gave more distance.

Loaded with all sorts of new technology – I’ll leave that to the press releases – this club can also be hit off the deck if you are going for the green in two at that unreachable par five. So, it’s a club that is easier to hit of the tee than a 3 wood and easier to hit off the deck than a driver. It does rather beg the question as to how many times I need to play that sort of shot and what club I need to sacrifice to leave a slot for the mini driver?

TaylorMade Original One Mini Driver – there have been others mini drivers but not for a while!

I suggest that it is a club to swap with your driver depending on the season or the course. If the course is running a mini driver may give you the distance you need but with more accuracy. Likewise, if you are playing a course where accuracy is more important than distance off the tee the mini driver could be your secret weapon. I don’t see any point in swapping it for the 3 wood and having all three driver, mini driver and 3 wood in the bag does seem a bit like those who carry umpteen wedges just in case they have a flop shop over a bunker running away from them towards water.

So, is it a marketing gimmick – probably not? I may go looking to see what the latest one feels like if I can find one for a lefty! Maybe I can hit a stinger with it just like Tiger used to do with his 3 wood.