When the weather turns brisk, wear this…

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Shared from – Chapeau Noir Blog – Trends in Golf Apparel.

…the Mackenzie from Sunice.the MacKenzie from Sunice ($200 / around €150 )

With the hot, dry summer we’ve had there has been little need or, quite frankly, the desire to pull out a long sleeved sweater for any reason whatsoever.

However, when Hurricane Irene made her way up the east coast she turned the weather dial sharply towards autumn. With the oppressive humidity of the summer all but gone and the cooler temperatures and northerly breezes of fall knocking at the door, this in-between time of year makes it the perfect time to talk about ways to stay warm so can get as many rounds in before the club closes for winter.

Chapeau Noir is happy to report the MacKenzie from Sunice is up to such a task. Equipped with Windstopper® technology from the same people who bring you Gortex, the MacKenzie is lightweight yet effective in combating the harshness of even the most ferocious autumnal winds.

But how?

Well, as with any garment, a warm layer of air  lies between you and the material that surrounds you. Without the Windstopper®, that warm layer of air is quickly corrupted by cooler air, resulting in a frosty surprise for you, ultimately leading to the downfall of what would most certainly have been the round of your life.

But is it comfortable?

In a word — it’s luxurious. That’s two words, but rest assured that the Mackenzie is as soft as a she-mouse’s belly — and we all know how soft that is, am I right!? No? Well, if not, you have Chapeau Noir’s word that the MacKenzie is very soft indeed.

So soft and comfortable is the MacKenzie that you won’t be distracted by it if you have to put it on mid-round as that nasty cold front begins to move through. That swing of yours that you have in such a perfect groove will be perfectly maintained, as there is no manner of bulky sabotage built into the MacKenzie — but only 100% Extrafine 12 gauge TECTM Merino Wool and the aforementioned and highly touted Windstopper®.

Just be sure to thank Chapeau Noir and Sunice when your club captain honours you at the closing banquet for setting the course record on that cold and blustery day. Seriously.

Set a course record wearing the MacKenzie from Sunice? Could do.