Bentley Centenary Collection Clubs Going Fast

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Bentley Centenary Collection Clubs Going Fast0

Clubs where you match the car to them? (shared from Golf Punk)

We love a bit of luxury at GolfPunk, particularly if someone else is paying, but the idea that you could actually use clubs that cost the price of an average family car is not something which we could ever comprehend. 

However, it appears, that in the world of the super wealthy buying a set of sticks that starts at £12,000 (starts…cough!) is not that off putting as we have been reliably informed (by them that make em!) there are less than 20 sets available from the original 100 made to mark the Bentley’s centenary.

Not bad considering they only went on sale in July this year, which means they have shifted nearly £1m of clubs in 4 months.

We have mentioned these sticks before but never really took too close a look as our requests to have a set “on test” were very wisely ignored, particularly given the sticky fingers here at GolfPunk towers.  On closer inspection though, these clubs could very well be extremely beautiful works of golf art, even though we would never have the bottle to use them.

The clubs apparently take inspiration from the Continental GT (starting price around £160,000 in case you were wondering) and use only the finest materials including carbon-fibre, aluminium and titanium alongide lots of references to the Bentley automotive heritage.

The clubs are undoubtedly beautiful even though the idea of sullying their faces by hitting a ball or scuffing them at the practice range makes us almost sick at the thought. 

But then there is the bag.  And what a bag it is….

Featuring a carbon fibre panel, a distinctive quilted pattern which any petrolhead would automatically recognise the pièce de résistance must be that each bag is individually serialised. 

Imagine being so important you got the number one….. we can only dream. 

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