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Technical clothing is fast becoming the go-to choice for those warmer days out on the course. As manufacturers invest more in technology and new fabrics, that thick cotton polo is becoming an item left at home.

One of the great attributes of technical clothing is its ability to ensure the wearer remains cool and dry whilst playing. Fabrics now remove moisture away from the body allowing freedom of movement, that fresh feeling and a clean look throughout the day. Not only does this leave you feeling fresh after a gruelling 18 holes in the heat but you will remain comfortable which is vital.

Furthermore, some clothing brands have taken things a step further and introduced a UV protection to some of their products. These lightweight protective fabrics make it easier for those that are active among us to move easily and to remain comfortable, whilst protecting the body from the suns harmful rays. Groundbreaking technology that is sure to continue to improve with time.

Fieldsensor is a high-performance sportswear material with a refreshing touch and easy wearability which eliminates the perspiration-induced stickiness and clinginess of traditional materials. Soft to the touch and is lightweight ensuring ease of movement during play.

ColdBlack is a new finish for textiles that are exposed to direct sunlight over a long period of time. It prevents textiles from heating up as much and offers reliable protection against UV rays. This material is perfect for warm rounds out on the course or whilst playing in different countries where the sun sometimes gets intense.

COOLMAX fabric is the original performance fabric that has been helping top athletes push harder and longer but is now being discovered for the cool comfort it brings to everyday apparel. The COOLMAX fabric has proven moisture management benefits that, depending on your needs, can be applied to or found in a whole new range of clothing styles.

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TrendyGolf have recently introduced a number of new product tags to the site to make it easier for you to find out more about the products and their characteristics. Read on to find out more about these tags and what they mean…

C – COTTON – This is a cotton garment made from natural fibers which can be finished in a number of ways such as pique, mercerised or a soft handle finish such as pima.

TR – TOUR – This item has a tour presence that differs from the standard line. A tour garment may have an oversize logo or multiple logos to enhance the branding.

T – TECHNICAL – This is a technical garment comprising of man-made fabrics, engineered to enhance performance for the task in hand such as stretch properties or moisture wicking to transfer sweat away from the body.

E – EXCLUSIVE – This item is exclusive to TrendyGolf, the leader in designer golf fashion.

NEW – This item is new in at TrendyGolf, the leader in designer golf fashion.

Why not start shopping today and use our new tag system to find some technical garments suitable for all conditions.


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