Color Trends Autumn/Winter 14

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As the days get shorter, the air gets colder, and the leaves begin to transform into a beautiful, rich color palette, this all signifies one thing… it is finally time to switch out our wardrobe. As the seasons change, this mandates a change in our color assortment. Burgundy Rose, Company Olive, Royal Navy, this seasons color palette draws inspiration from the beautiful array of Fall leaf pigments. We understand, it can be difficult to step out of your comfort zone and pair different colors together, but learn a few tips from your TrendyGolf stylists and experiment with us. Below we have showcased three of our most popular color trends of the season and identified what pairs well with each. Take a look at our selections and shop the Autumn/Winter color trends today!

Burgundy Rose 



Call it maroon, reddish-purple, dark teak, this shade has added a splash of color to a variety of our collections this season. This shade is the perfect happy-medium allowing you to add a unique color to your wardrobe without over doing it. Taking the standout color position of the outfit, we suggest pairing it with neutral colors such as black, grey, white navy and camel. Let burgundy take all the attention while the rest of the colors in your outfit compliment the shade.

Company Olive


The military aesthetic is constantly influencing trends in fashion and has been seen all over the runways for a variety of season. These military influences have been showcased in the print, cut, style and most importantly, the color of the collection. When we think military, we see the color olive. And this season, we see this military inspired color in a variety of our collections. The color olive can be placed in the neutral color family and the bold color family. This means it can take the standout color of your outfit by pairing it with shades of black, grey and beige, or can compliment a standout color being paired with a burgundy, red or orange.

Royal Navy 



The question, “is ___ the new black?” has been around for ages. The fashion world has been struggling to find the answer, but this year the everlasting question has finally been answered. Yes, navy is the new black. Navy is considered the most flattering color in the book. When worn in replacement of black, your entire outfit becomes less harsh. This allows the outfit to easily transfer from a day-time outfit to a night-time outfit. As many of you know, navy can be paired with any color of choice. But we at TrendyGolf like to step out of our comfort zone and test out new color combinations. This season, we are loving the navy monochrome look. Being matchy-matchy has become one of the most popular trends and dressing in all navy gives you a sleek yet modern look.

Final Word:

The Autumn/Winter 14 season makes it easy for you to test out new combinations of colors giving you the opportunity to layer and add in a color you wouldn’t have before. We at TrendyGolf stay on top of the latest and always offer you the in trends of the season. Engage yourself in the splash of colors seen on our pages and find out which suits your style.

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