Puma Ignite Disc

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Disc golf for your feet


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As a kid I wanted Air Max, Pumps, and Puma Discs. I loved the little gizmo on the front, because laces were so, so, vintage. Who wanted to tie a lace, when you could twist a disc? And while it’s now 2016, and the vast majority of us are still using archaic laces to tighten our shoes, we no longer have to do so.

I still love my Puma Discs today, and even now I’ve got pair that I put on when I’m feeling extra lazy. Over the years I’ve said to Puma they should bring out a Disc golf shoe. I don’t think they listened to me, but someone at the company finally came to the same conclusion.


Puma aren’t the first to market with laceless golf shoes, FootJoy and adidas both offer shoes with the BOA system, but Puma Discs were around way before any golf company thought about an alternative to traditional laces. There’s nothing worse than your laces coming undone when it’s wet, and you end up trudging about with damp golf shoes, so we think this makes more sense for golf than most sports.


The Puma Disc technology offers an alternative closure system that seamlessly tightens the shoe, providing a secure and snug fit. With a quick turn of the Disc dial, the internal wire system tightens the upper, while a turn in the opposite direction, allows the golfer to easily loosen the shoe.


“The Titan Tour Ignite Disc ensures a quick and secure fit; with a few simple turns the shoe is secure, comfortable and ready to go,” said Grant Knudson, head of footwear & accessories, PUMA Golf. “We took the original Puma Disc design and customised it for golfers. The result is a sleek, simple and strong closure system that tightens using smooth, steel wires that conform to the foot.”


Puma have used the Titan Tour Ignite as the base shoe for this, so everything we have written about that shoe still holds true for these. Looking to the companies running shoes for inspiration, the Titan Tour uses IGNITE foam as used by Usain Bolt in his running shoes, that maximises energy return for power, comfort, and performance. During a proprietary manufacturing process, a liquid Polyurethane (PU) blend is poured into a mold in the shape of the midsole. IGNITE Foam has a high support factor and high compression set that results in both superior cushioning and minimal deformation over time. This new foam technology is designed to make the shoe more responsive and release energy more efficiently throughout the swing, making IGNITE footwear extra comfortable.


Available in two colours, white/black or red blast/white/black, the red pair correspond with the red and black colour way that will be worn by all the Puma athletes in the Olympics. The Limited Edition Disc will be in store from July 12 and will retail for £150.