Golf Books #247 (Golf for the other 80%: The answers to why you can’t improve)

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Golf Books #247 (Golf for the other 80%: The answers to why you can’t improve)0

Many golfers have a difficult improving at this game. There are plenty of great golf books to help you with different aspects of the game. What you will not find is a book that explains why almost 90% of us can’t get better.

Understanding your eye dominance is about as important as understanding which hand is your dominant hand. Just imagine if your right handed and I made you swing left handed, you probably would not play very well. This book will is an easily understood book on how to understand which eye is your dominant eye, how it affects your game and how to improve using the proper, natural motions.

This is understood in other disciplines but for some reason not in golf except for putting. After studying the best players in the world swing the club and how their eye dominance effects their swing mechanics I know share that with you. Do you think is just a fluke that great players like Sorenstam, Allenby, Appleby, Durant, Duvall, Stenson and many more have a different looking swing motion? Their swings look different because they are different and that is because they are right eye dominant.

I have never seen a book written for the majority of players who are right handed and right eye dominant. Starting in the early 1990’s I started to study this phenomenon called eye dominance and know in about 2 hours you can learn how your eye dominance effects your swing. If you switch to a golf swing that fits your eye domiance you will be amazed how much easier it is to play golf, hit better shots and lower your scores.

Publication date: April 9, 2017 (source)