Golf Books #247 (Golf from Point A)

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61URrv1J7ZLIs golf simple or complex? How you see the game depends on your point of view. Is it hit the ball, find it, and hit it again, or feel anxious and worried about where the ball is and how to hit it when you find it?

Point A shows you that simple is highly effective and improving your game is more about where your mind is than where your backswing is. You control your thoughts, and your thoughts control everything. Whether it’s a drive from the first tee, a lob over a bunker or your last putt to break a new low score, the key is to play every shot from Point A.

Professional golfers will often credit record-breaking rounds to playing “one shot at a time.” The fact that you can play only “one shot at a time” seems so obvious that many golfers take this basic truth for granted. Others believe they are already playing “one shot at a time” when they are not.

How to play one shot at a time is the question. With its simple and logical plan for what to think, how to think and when to think on the golf course, playing from Point A is the answer.

Publication date: September 15, 2016 (source)

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