Golf Books #265 (Everything I Know About Golf: Lessons Learned Throughout the Seasons)

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Golf Books #265 (Everything I Know About Golf: Lessons Learned Throughout the Seasons)0

Creed outlines and details the many lessons he’s learned about the game of golf. He relates tips which will turn Bogie Golf into Par-less rounds. Don’t miss this opportunity for him to share with you these many tips. While some readers are shocked at the ignorance displayed in this advice, others find it very enjoyable.

Makes a great gift to your Golfer friend, you secretly want to slice, miss, or just loose balls. Following are some remarks of past readers: “What?” “His lack of knowledge is astounding” “Unbelievable!” “Can I get a refund?” “Who is this jerk?” Included in the book is not only what the author has learned about evaluations of ‘Swings’ with each and every iron. But, a number of thoughts and tips regarding the perfect way to ensure your tee-off will fly left and right with more yardage than you have ever had before.

As a bonus, golf balls are evaluated using the authors many years experience with used and found balls. There is an entire chapter dedicated to restoring the vigor of your woods – I believe that’s the driver and the other smaller drivers, that are numbered. Lastly, a section is intended to advise the reader on how to handle the acclaim that comes with a sub-par round. This includes a second recommendation concerning the use of pencils with erasers but kept in the golfer pocket until needed. This section is in very small print and kept almost hidden, for understandable reasons.

The author does make a request of the many readers. If as a result of the sage advice contained herein, and the reader advances to the professional ranks, acknowledgment by the reader in the winner’s circle would be appreciated. So, finally, I thank you for your purchase of the book and wish you the best of luck in your game.

Don’t forget the eraser.

Publication date: March 13, 2018 (source)